About us

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We are a dedicated team of NICHIYU Electric Forklift specialists, obsessed with making a real difference to the always-under-pressure managers and business owners responsible for safely, efficiently and responsibly storing and handling goods.

As an authorised dealer of Nichiyu Electric Forklifts in Australia our goal is to provide the best customer service and support for these innovate and reliable products. We understand that our customers are not looking just for a forklift, but for the best solution to a usually complex problem: capacity, cost, compliance and customer, both external and internal.

The advantage we bring to Customer partnerships is our deep understanding of both, forklifts and storage systems. This enables us to provide solid advice that makes a real difference to our customers’ choices and outcomes.


Our 20+ year history is made fresh every day. It is a progression of customer-focused innovation and transformation, in a bid to provide our customers with new solutions that complement and enhance their business.

Forklifts are in our blood – now with the second generation of this family business. We know more about forklifts than most sales teams. And, we are constantly learning and searching for new technologies that can give our customers a greater competitive advantage. We have now chosen to partner with the most innovative brand in electric forklift technology.  The shared focus on customer-centric innovation is a perfect match.

Very quickly, ISS ProRack also started providing palletised storage and racking to help our customers improve their operations through the introduction of our own product range: German-engineered, cost-effectively manufactured in China, complete with ISO9001 international quality certification and backed by personalised service. More…

The journey, guided by our customers’ changing needs, continues, with new technologies and new ways of doing business. Work with us!

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Our Customers’ and our own success is driven by our intrinsic values. These values underpin the selection, delivery and commitment to our product and solutions to do the right thing by our customers, our business and our community.

  • Safety First
  • Sense of Urgency
  • No Disruption to our Client’s Business
  • Transparent Client Communication
  • Pursuit of Customer-Centric Innovation
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