Why Forklift Safety a Reflection of Business Culture?

When you are passionate about the great equipment you work with… When you love the capability it gives you to do amazing things professionally… then there is just one thing to do. And that is to treat your tools with respect. That’s how you earn more respect and more money for the company and yourself.

And, most importantly, that’s how you and your team mates will stay safe to enjoy long and rewarding lives with your families.


How a Trusted Forklift Supplier Can Support Your Safety Culture?

At ISS ProRack, Nichiyu forklift division, we are passionate about keeping forklifts (and racking equipment) in perfect health. And that means: safe for people and goods. We are happy to reinforce your safety message every time your forklift drivers come in contact with our Service Team.

Our qualified and experienced mechanics and sales reps will gladly:

  • Explain the safety features
  • Explain and demonstrate the safe limits of each machine
  • Check all safety points
  • Have a friendly chat about family, friends or footy – because, after all, we work to live and not the other way round.

On the other hand, Nichiyu forklifts live to work! We just make sure your forklifts stay healthy to do so.


NICHIYU-Service-PromoNichiyu forklift service from ISS ProRack comes with:

  1. The most experienced, fastest Nichiyu service team in Australia – with average 25 years of experience.
  2. A range of genuine and approved parts.
  3. And, on new forklifts, FREE service for 3 years with our extended 3 year warranty.


Nichiyu that!


Smart warehouse storage and materials handling is as much about saving costs as it is about making maximum business impact,” said Peter Boustead, MD, ISS ProRack.