As any Logistics, Warehouse or Stockyard Manager knows, forklifts, and especially electric forklifts, are the silent slaves in business. They only get noticed when they first arrive and when they get sick. In between they are taken for granted to do the heavy lifting and long distance running to keep earning you money, without interruptions. Perhaps indefinitely!?

Nichiyu forklifts are renown for longevity. And, they perform even better, reducing the risk of costly disruptions and stress, if serviced well. What does it mean? Nothing fancy, just regular check, using genuine parts, or at least parts recommended by qualified and experienced mechanics.

Easier said than done, right?

Getting a reasonable and reliable forklift service is a challenge when you are busy and budgets are tight. You are constantly bombarded with deals that look too good to be true, only to end up with a lengthy list of extras and penalizing contracts. An honest supplier, truly committed to an excellent product, confident of  the experienced and passionate service team, can make a difference.

Nichiyu forklift service from ISS ProRack comes with:

  1. Nichiyu trained technician at ISS ProRack-Nichiyu dealershipThe most experienced, fastest Nichiyu service team in Australia – with average 25 years of experience.
  2. A range of genuine and approved parts.
  3. And, on new forklifts, free service for 3 years with our extended 3 year warranty.

Nichiyu that!

  • Is your forklift down, not earning its ROI, or your customers’ love?
  • Is it a hassle to find a reliable service supplier?
  • Do you want to be sure you will get a fair service deal?
  • Need a certainty of a FREE Inspection and a Transparent Service Report?

Now is the best time to do something about it!



Smart warehouse storage and materials handling is as much about saving costs as it is about making maximum business impact,” said Peter Boustead, MD, ISS ProRack.